Get Fast and Easy Methods to Cure Your Chronic Pain– 100% FREE

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Michael Greenspan, Los Angeles Neuromuscular Therapist, shows you how to get lasting relief, often a cure, from severe, contant, frequent, headaches, whether in the occiput, sinus, behind the eye, by treating your own headache muscles, the suboccipital muscles.  If you suffer from a regular tension headache, and want quick relief today, this informative video teaches you exactly how to treat and fix it for good.


6 Responses to “Tension Headache Relief Quickly Cures Pain Behind Eyes and Head!”

  1. Believe Deer

    01. Aug, 2011


    Great video. I just can’t thank you enough. I was just wondering where I can buy the ball and what is the size of the ball.


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  2. Monica Hirsch

    20. Nov, 2011

    Excellent information, thank you!

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  3. Rafael Chavez

    24. Mar, 2013

    Thank you so much. More people have to know about your site.

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  4. Nilesh

    03. May, 2013

    Nice information I am using tennis ball is it ok

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    • michael

      03. May, 2013

      sure, tennis balls works. However, for more pressure, and to reach deeper trigger points, the “pinky ball” works better.

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Get Fast and Easy Methods to Cure Your Chronic Pain– 100% FREE