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The Headache Explosion

Over the last couple of decades, the US has seen a dramatic rise in chronic headaches amongst its populace. The increase has been about 60% over the last few years and women have borne the brunt of the epidemic. The large majority of people affected are under 45 years. One particular study noted that 80% of women and 70% of men saw a doctor in the last year due to a chronic headache. The same study also noted that 8% and 7% of women were in-patients are a medical facility due to chronic headaches.  Further, it was observed that chronic headaches had a major effect on the ability to function normally which was observed in lower work-place productivity. About 4% of men and 3% of women were severely affected as a result of headaches and related symptoms.

It is quite evident that headaches have a major impact on society today, with lots of financial resources being spent on disability payments, doctor’s consultations, prescriptions and hospitalizations. There has also been an exponential increase in the number of people self-medicating with over-the-counter drugs. Yet, this has had little impact on the prevalence of headaches.

There’s quite a few reasons for headaches and migraine pain. At the source typically are muscle imbalances (tight and weak muscles), which lead to poor posture, which lead to trigger points and headache pain.  Muscle imbalances are exacerbated by a trauma such as whiplash, or simply poor posture sitting at your desk.  Either way, the muscles in your neck and shoulders get tight, the shoulders round forward, and then the trigger points refer pain into your head. Muscle imbalances in your pelvis directly cause your neck and shoulders to compensate and refer pain into your head. If you have a pelvis rotated out of alignment, whether high, low or tilted on one side, just know it’s directly affecting your headaches.

The ultimate result is that your body ends up putting more strain in certain muscle groups, ligaments, discs and joints. Muscle imbalances are usually triggered by something you do as a habit, for example, sitting at your computer for long hours or driving for long hours. Major muscles that trigger headache and migraine pain are known as trapezius, suboccipitals, sternocleidomastoid, and the jaw muscles.

The Headache Solution

Here at GetPainFreeTv you learn how to get rid of your headaches and migraines for good.  Watch the videos, read the articles, and learn many informative tips for self-treatment of your headache pains. The neuromuscular therapy and posture realignment therapy approach to headaches is much different.  It looks at tight muscles, muscle imbalances and “trigger points” which directly affect your nervous system and cause your headaches. This approach of postural alignment exercises as well as releasing trigger points, fixes your muscle imbalances so your neck, shoulders and hips line up much better with gravity.  When you line up with gravity, there’s much less tension and stress in your neck and shoulder muscles.  Trigger points are much less likely to cause headaches.

As opposed to treating the symptom with potentially dangerous pain killers, neuromuscular therapists examine the root cause of the headache. Research has proven this to be the healthiest treatment option. Using special techniques, your posture realigns, and tight muscles and trigger points release. As a consequence, muscle function improves, pain intensity lowers, the yearning for pain medication reduces and headaches disappear completely. The rate of recovery depends on the severity of the problem.

If you are affected by headaches, this may a clear sign that your muscles are imbalanced or you may be suffering from trigger point conditions that neuromuscular and trigger point therapy, as well as postural exercises, can help. Pain medication only treats the symptoms.

Get Fast and Easy Methods to Cure Your Chronic Pain– 100% FREE