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What Causes Fibromyalgia?

Is Your Doctor Making Your Fibromyalgia Worse?

What you are about to read will annoy and aggravate you. It may even turn your stomach. You’ll probably want to stop reading before you’ve read it all…if you do, I guarantee you will have made one of the biggest mistakes of your life…

You see, fibromyalgia is reaching epidemical levels and misdiagnosis and mistreatment is rampant. If you suffer from fibromyalgia and don’t know the information I’m about to reveal to you, you may be setting yourself up for a life of constant pain, suffering, disability and misery.

Most Doctors Have No Clue When It Comes To Fibromyalgia!!!

What’s that? You don’t believe me? These doctors are well trained and know what they are doing? Oh yeah…well why haven’t they helped you and why would you be wasting your time reading this article?

I’ll actually tell you exactly what you’ve been through…I call it the “fibromyalgia medical loop of crazy!”:

First you went to your general practitioner, the guy your HMO made you see because he’s on your list…great way to pick a doctor by the way.

Anyway, you told him you had constant, unrelenting joint pain, tender, achy spots all over your body… especially your neck and upper back… right in between your shoulder blades, chronic fatigue and maybe constant or intermittent headaches. You can’t sleep at night and your exhausted ALL DAY.

You can’t even enjoy the simple things in life anymore, like playing with your children. Getting out of bed everyday is an unbelievable challenge.

Life Has Become Unbearable…

Your GP does a 5-minute exam…NEGATIVE. He takes some
X-rays…NEGATIVE. Does a few blood tests… NEGATIVE. Maybe even an MRI… NEGATIVE. Then he tells you you have the dreaded Fibromyalgia and gives you anti-inflamitory drugs and says…

“I’ve done all I can do, you’re just gonna have to learn to live with it…”

I bet he never even explained what fibromyalgia actually was….did he? Do you really know what they say you have?

You do what he says and guess what? It doesn’t work…it actually gets worse.
So you go back, again and again, and your GP gives you different drugs, trial and error style…seems real scientific doesn’t it?

After he’s exhausted his list of “wonder drugs,” he tells you it’s all in your head and sends you to a psychiatrist for anti-depressant drugs.

They’ve put you through months, if not years, of grueling tests and useless drugs with horrible side effects.

You’re as scared as a Bin Ladden look-alike in a Boston Airport, so you do what they tell you to do.

All the drugs are making you worse. Destroying your liver. Destroying your stomach.

Now you hear about some fibromyalgia surgery where they enlarge the hole in the base of your skull. Are they kidding?

You see, if you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail…let me explain…
Medical doctors have 2 choices: drugs or surgery…that’s it! If it doesn’t respond to drugs, the surgeon’s probably gonna cut you, and that’s the way it is.

Well, I’m here to tell you there is another choice. A sensible, all natural, non-invasive and safe treatment that helps many fibromyalgia symptoms.

And you can be damn sure your medical doctor and neuro surgeon pray you never learn what’s gonna be revealed to you right now.

After all, do you think the big oil companies are thrilled about how the electric car is gonna cut into their profits?

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