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Sitting is one of the biggest culprits to lower back, hip, and all sorts of chronic pain.  As human beings, your design and blueprint is to move, whether is walking, running, etc.  It’s amazing to imagine how the desk job has only existed for a “blink of the eye” compared to how long us humans have been around.

The source of the problem with lower back pain when sitting, is that sitting all day long deactivates and “shuts down” your pelvic and lower back postural muscles.  Basically, they start to atrophy and waste away from lack of use as they turn to jelly.

The Source of Your Lower Back Pain When Sitting is a Locked Spine!

Throughout time, humans have constantly kept our postural muscles active and engaging with more functional activities such as walking, squatting, lifting, and lunging.  Before technology, the hunter and gather, and every other time period people needed to be very active to survive.  Now, it’s a whole society that goes from the desk, to the car, to the couch.


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You may ask yourself, “Why do I need my postural muscles to be so active?”  Well, you see, it’s your postural muscles that hold you upright, stable, balanced, and keep you out of lower back pain when sitting.  Without these muscles active throughout your day, you basically turn into Gumby.  That’s why elderly people typically lose their balance and stability, and end up falling.  Their postural muscles have gone to mush.

Finally, sit pain-free for hours and work in comfort!

If you want feel great sitting throughout your day without lower back pain, I highly suggest this office chair I found to be the best chair for back sufferers.  After testing a ton of expensive to cheap office chairs, this one is  is the best back relief chair on the market today.   It maintains good, proper  posture, your natural pelvis and lower back movement, true lumbar support and less pain. This chair allows your body to move freely like it’s meant to do throughout the day, keeps your postural muscles engaging and body relaxed for hours to eliminate your locked spine.

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Now, what postural exercises should you do if you sit all day and suffer from lower back pain, either on the right or left side?  There’s a ton of  good info out there, yet the problem with most,  is that they incorporate too many “multi-plane” postural exercises, which is the last thing someone in pain should be doing.  They’re fine for the everyday desk worker, yet not so much if you’re in pain.

Multi-plane exercises are the ones with twisting and bending, and moving, etc.  The pain sufferer should be doing SINGLE plane postural exercises first, in order to first realign their postural, and stabilize it.  First get straight with single plane postural exercises, and then it’s fine to do multi-plane ones.

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Get Fast and Easy Methods to Cure Your Chronic Pain– 100% FREE