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Lower Back Pain And CrampsHow are Lower Back Pain and Cramps Related?

Did you know that some of the major lower back pain culprits are often the root cause for years of suffering with abdominal and menstrual cramps?

It’s obvious when you feel low back pain on your right or left side, yet it’s a huge surprise to many sufferers when they discover it’s connected to those nagging cramps in the mid and lower abdominal region.

Your abdominal muscles often contain these “landmine knots” called trigger points that cause referred pain mistaken for stomach cramps, menstrual cramps, or even endometriosis.

Lower back pain and cramps come from these same trigger points in the abdominal muscles that also refer pain into your middle and lower back, like a horizontal band of aching pain across the back.  This pain from abdominal trigger points goes side to side, not vertically up and down.  While it’s difficult to trace, years of unsuccessful treatments for lower or middle back pain leads people to discover that the source of it comes from trigger points and referred pain in the abdominal muscles.  Your lower back pain cramps may be just a knot away from disappearing for good.

Since doctors aren’t very familiar with natural treatments for lower back pain and cramps and trigger points, they mistake these abdominal trigger points as heartburn, ulcers, indigestion, colic, or even appendicitis.  It’s quite amazing how  unnecessary stress and lower back pain and cramps are because it’s easily preventable with a proper diagnosis of trigger points in your abdominal muscles.

What Causes Lower Back Pain and Cramps?

There are a few main causes for lower back pain and cramps, such as trigger points in your abdominal muscles that cause low back right or left back pain and cramps.  Overexertion is a major culprit, whether it’s at work or the gym. Doing those sudden intense sit-ups to get lean, which focus on your upper abdominals, or leg lifts, which focus on your lower abdominals, both promote and cause trigger points in the abdomen, and hence lower back pain and cramps.


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Carrying heavy loads, intense chronic coughing, sitting in a twisted position, and even emotional stress leads to these lower back pain and cramps from trigger points as well. Once you get these trigger points, it’s a recipe for lower back pain and cramps.

Muscle imbalances are a big reason for lower back pain and cramps, and abdominal trigger points, and many of the referred pain symptoms too.  Muscle imbalances are exacerbated by pregnancy, sitting at the desk all day, and driving.  This leads to shortened, chronically weak and tight abdominal muscles, which causes poor posture,  trigger points in the muscles, and lower back pain and cramps. It’s important to get rid of these trigger points and correct any muscle imbalances to bring your body back to its healthy state, and eliminate lower back pain and cramps for good.

What’s the Most Common Treatment for Lower Back Pain and Cramps?

If you’re fortunate enough to treat your  lower back pain and cramps, and trigger point pain before your doctor prescribes drugs or an unnecessary abdominal surgery, there are some effective natural treatments and solutions.

There are great natural products and supplements such as Inflam-95 that help relieve lower back pain and cramps, manages inflammation, improves relaxation of pain-causing myofascial trigger points and helps overcome tension and fatigue.

Movement and motion in the pelvis, lower back, and abdominal muscles is key as well, especially if you sit at your desk in a chair all day.  The back pain relief chair maintains the freedom of natural movement while you sit, and prevents you from being in a fixed, locked position all day. This prevents  lower back pain and cramps by eliminating muscles imbalances and trigger points from forming because the abdominal muscles are able to engage in a more functional way when sitting.

Learning how to treat your own  lower back pain and cramps, and trigger points is quite effective as well, especially when it comes to lower back pain.  The trigger point self-treatment system is a great alternative treatment and lower back pain relief product that you do in the comfort of your own home.

There are 3 main ways to get rid of and eliminate your abdominal trigger points and lower back pain and cramps.  They are to correct the muscle imbalances, restoring proper posture, and deactivate the trigger points. Once done, many of your lower back pain and cramps symptoms will be gone for good!






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Get Fast and Easy Methods to Cure Your Chronic Pain– 100% FREE