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Best chair for back pain

There are a few different companies out there claiming that they make the best chair for back pain. We’re not afraid to say that there’s probably not a single answer that works for everybody — a lot of it depends on what exactly is causing your back to hurt. That said, when it comes to a chair that prevents you from hurting your back while you work, there’s a clear winner — and there’s five good reasons why:

It Adjusts to Your Desk

One of the more important elements for reducing back pain is making sure that your ergonomics are all correct. That means:

  • Your elbows are at roughly ninety-degree angles while your arms are resting comfortably on your working surface.
  • Your lower back (lumbar area) is properly supported so it’s comfortable to sit straight without slumping our slouching.
  • Your monitor is in front of or just slightly below your eye level.
  • Your armrest supports your arms at a level just slightly higher than your shoulders would naturally have your arms hanging at.
  • If your chair can’t make the necessary adjustments to reach the right ergonomic state, you may need a new chair.

The Best Chair for Back Pain Allows You to Stretch

It’s good advice to get up and walk around for a minute or two every half-hour — and fifteen minutes or so every four hours — but that’s a minimum. A chair that allows you to lean back, kick your legs out, and have a good stretch as the need arises is good candidate for best chair for back pain.


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It Knows How to Rock and Roll

One of the most common ways to hurt your back is to lift something and twist at the same time. If your chair swivels, you can turn and put your item where it belongs without twisting your back at the same time. Similarly, a chair that rolls under and out from your desk will make it less likely for you to work leaning forward or backward.

It Will Have Goldilocks Cushions

There’s no magical amount of cushioning that’s ‘just right’ for every person’s back (and backside.) You have to experiment and figure out the amount of cushioning that belongs on your best chair for back pain. It’s best to have slightly less than too much, particularly on the back.

The Best Chair for Back Pain Moves With You

One of the hardest-to-find features of a great back-pain chair is having a seat that moves when you move.

  • Tilting forward when you lean up to reach for something.
  • Settling in flat when you put your feet on the floor and focus on your work.
  • Tilting backward when you lean back and pick your feet up.

This is an incredibly important aspect of a great chair for back pain, because literally any chair that locks you into a single position will eventually cause you pain. Moving with you is the key to allowing your back the freedom it needs to adjust and prevent pain from starting.
The chair that meets all 5 of these criteria? It’s the best chair for back pain.  Everyone who suffers from ‘office spine’ needs to look carefully into how it’s able to help.

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Get Fast and Easy Methods to Cure Your Chronic Pain– 100% FREE