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Alternative Therapies for Back PainModern medicine’s ‘therapies’ for back pain amount to invasive surgery for those people who have identifiable conditions like herniated discs and ankylosing spondylosis, and pain-numbing drugs for those who don’t. Both options are expensive and have side effects that are less than pleasant. Is it any wonder people are on the lookout for decent alternative therapies for back pain?

The question really boils down to: What works? The answer, of course, is “that depends on why your back hurts in the first place.”

Alternative Therapies for Back Pain Relieve Muscle Spasms

If your back hurts because the muscles in your back are spastic or clenched, the answer is finding something that unlocks those tense muscles. In the medium term, a relaxant like GABA supplements or valerian pills might help — but you generally want relief right away when it happens. That’s why we suggest that everyone that experiences muscle tension like this get ahold of the Trigger Point System alternative therapy for back pain.


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The TPS setup relies on ancient wisdom telling us that every muscle has a ‘trigger point’ — a nerve cluster that, when massaged with manual pressure, actually forces the muscle to relax. The TPS gives you all of the tools you need to not only find the trigger points you need, but to apply the correct amount of pressure at the correct depth, even if you don’t have a partner there to help you.

The Solution to Inflammation and Injuries

If your back hurts because you’ve hurt yourself, there’s not a lot that poking it with the TPS will do for you. What you need is an entirely different approach — pain relief. Most of the pain of a back injury isn’t from the injury itself (with uncommon exceptions); the pain comes because the injured area gets inflamed. The inflamed tissue then presses up against the spine and the nerves coming out of it, causing intense, shooting pain.

The alternative back pain treatments you want for that kind of pain are anti-inflammatory in nature. The most basic option is an ice pack, but we suggest something a little stronger: the Inflam-95 supplement. Featuring an array of four powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients along with a special ‘accelerant’ that makes them take hold quickly and completely, it’s one of the best all-natural anti-inflammatory pills on the market.

Some Alternative Therapies for Back Pain Eliminate Static Lock

One of the least-discussed sources of back pain, especially of the lower back, is ‘static lock’ — the pain caused by forcing your normally dynamic spine to hold still for hours at a time. This is most often caused by sitting in a cubicle and writing reports for a trio of droning bosses day after day while people steal your stapler.

Rather than burning the building down, try a new chair. The Ultimate Back Pain Chair is a study in fluidity, constantly moving to counterbalance your body as you move around your office. It makes being in motion easy and natural, and in so doing, completely eliminates static lock.

Of course, there are dozens of other potential sources of back pain — and dozens of other amazing products that help you with those problems. These three are among the most common in modern America, however — the others will have to wait.

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Get Fast and Easy Methods to Cure Your Chronic Pain– 100% FREE