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Does your lower back pain cause you grief when running or jogging?  It’s quite frustrating when your lower back pain, whether on the left or right side, starts to cause you pain when exercising.  Especially, when it goes right into your hips and down the legs, mimicking sciatica.

Lower back pain often creeps its way into your hips because these two areas are directly connected and related.  Quite like a happy couple, they work together for a big  reason – for the health and function of your pelvis and lumbar spine.  When your lower back is tight, this  may “lock” up your lumbar spine and inhibit the movement of your back.  When your lower back lacks movement, the hip muscles must compensate and overwork.

Once your hips muscles start overcompensating, you often get hip pain running  as well.  Lower back pain on your right side or left side is often caused by muscle imbalances, that lead to poor posture, and then trigger points in your hip and low back muscles.  There’s definitely highly effective lower back pain stretches and exercises to bring your hip and lower back muscles back in balance, so they are all engaging properly.  These muscle balance exercises and any postural distortions such as hips and pelvis rotated out of alignment are fixed with these exercises.


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Quite often, the muscles at the source of your lower back pain are the major culprits for your hip pain as well.  Your iliopsoas and gluteal muscles are two big ones.  Make sure you do the right lower back pain exercises and stretches because the wrong ones can lead to severe pain.  Running does require more force, load, and intensity in your muscles, so it’s important to have a strong, stable pelvis and back when being active.  Without a stable, balance back, you’re asking for problems as the force of gravity becomes your enemy.

With the proper lower back pain exercises and stretches, running is effortless and functional, and quite easy on your body.



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Get Fast and Easy Methods to Cure Your Chronic Pain– 100% FREE