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Lower back pain relief products

You go to a doctor today, and what do you get? A prescription. It seems like most primary care physicians these days are little more than shills for Big Pharma. But every pill comes with side effects — and who wants a lower back pain relief product where the side effects include blindness, the runs, and loss of feeling in the extremities?

Fortunately, there are other answers out there that are highly effective when used properly — answers that don’t involve putting obscure, lab-created chemicals into your body. Check out five of the best lower back pain relief products we’ve come across:

The Trigger Point Self Therapy System

We’ve come a long way in our understanding of the body since the days when acupuncture was considered ‘Chinese voodoo.’ While the Trigger Point Therapy System doesn’t exactly rely on traditional Chinese medicine, it does rely on the discovery of ‘trigger points’ within the major muscles of the body. Almost every muscle has a point that, when correctly pressured, forces the muscle to relax. The Trigger Point Therapy System comes with all of the equipment you need to learn how to correctly identify and apply pressure to your trigger points.

The Ultimate Back Relief Chair

If you have a job that involves a lot of sitting, you’ve probably learned by now just how big of an impact your chair can have on your long-term comfort. Back pain caused by office chairs is pandemic in the US — but it doesn’t have to be your problem, ever again. That’s because the Ultimate Back Relief chair uses new science and old technology together to create a chair that moves as fluidly and readily as you do — so you’ll never suffer from ‘static spine syndrome’ ever again.


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The Pro Foam Roller

It’s a foam rolling pin that’s big enough for someone who lives at the top of a beanstalk — what does it have to do with lower back pain? Simple — you roll along the top of it, and allow it to apply sweeping pressure to your spinal muscles, hips and more. It’s half masseuse, half steam roller, and it’s a great too for loosening up tightened muscles and unkinking kinked joints.

The Compression Ball

Aka ‘The Pinky’. Similar in function to the roller above, the compression ball is generally used on the floor or in a chair, by placing the ball between your cluster of overtense muscles and the floor or chair back. Small, controlled motions move the ball back and forth across the muscle knot, breaking it up and stimulating oxygen intake into the knot. Before you know it, you’re back to work and the compression ball is sitting on your desk, tempting you to bounce it off your cubicle wall.


OK, so technically, Inflam-95 is literally a pill — but it’s not like any pill your doctor will ever give you. And since we gave you the 4 we promised, we can’t resist including this amazing lower back pain relief product.  All of the ingredients in Inflam-95 are perfectly natural and geared to subduing the heat and pressure of inflammation. With your back less inflamed, there will be less pressure on your nerves and less tension in your muscles — making sitting a heck of a lot easier.

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Get Fast and Easy Methods to Cure Your Chronic Pain– 100% FREE