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Back Pain TreatmentThere are a lot of events in life that cause back pain, from lifting a load incorrectly to a skiing accident. Few of them, however, are as inglorious as the dreaded ‘cubicle ache’ — the numb, pulsing ache you can get in your back after you’ve been locked into what ergonomicists call the ‘neutral position’ for four or more hours in a row. Many people have tried a variety of back pain treatments for their cubicle ache, but how many have succeeded?

Well, it’s time to fix that once and for all, with three back pain treatments that are actually guaranteed to fix your cubicle ache, all in different but highly effective ways.

Trigger Point Back Pain Treatment: Old Science, New Methods

The science of trigger points — the nerve clusters in each muscle that can be used to cause that muscle to unclench — isn’t a new one. But there have been several excellent innovations recently that allow us to easily access and relieve those trigger points, forcing our muscles to relax.

The Trigger Point Self Treatment Kit is an excellent example. With a handy manual, several different pressure applicators, and a unique toolboard to help you get your muscles into relax mode without the need for expert assistance, it’s a great tool to keep under your desk for when the cubicle ache strikes.

Nutraceuticals: Completely Natural — and Completely Potent

Nutraceuticals are all-natural, usually all-organic pills that are made entirely out of non-pharmaceutical substances. In the case of cubicle ache, you want to find something that’s powerfully anti-inflammatory. That’s because a large portion of back pain is based in inflammation: tiny muscle strains that combine to create a big, inflamed mess that hurts more because of the inflammation than the injuries.

Enter Inflam-95 , a powerful nutraceutical that combines several powerful ingredients including:

  • Turmeric, used for pain relief in India for over 2000 years,
  • Indian Frankincense, used to combat chronic inflammatory diseases in Ayurvedic Medicine
  • Ginger, used by the Chinese to combat inflammation and nausea
  • Nettle, used to fight the pain of inflammatory diseases
  • Black Pepper (BioPerene), which enhances the body’s uptake and usage of other nutraceutical ingredients.

Together, they create an extremely powerful — but perfectly safe — suite of anti-inflammatory ingredients that tackle back pain with efficacy and power.

The Final Back Pain Treatment & Solution: The Ultimate Back Pain Chair

If all else fails you, and you absolutely need to get rid of your work-time back pain once and for all, the omega weapon is pricey but worth every red cent. The ultimate back pain chair is designed with cutting-edge science to remove the “neutral posture” problem and allow you to move freely as you go about your work — all but eliminating cubicle ache in a single powerful step.

Read the Consumer Guide to Best Chairs for Back Pain Here!

Will these three tools get rid of every back pain you could have? Absolutely not: if you hurt your back lifting a pallet of concrete blocks, they might help a little. But if what you have is pain from long-term back stress — like cubicle ache — this little suite of tool is right up your alley.

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Get Fast and Easy Methods to Cure Your Chronic Pain– 100% FREE