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34CFE3A1-198D-41F5-B450-00D45D93A274Have you thought about the best chairs for back pain?

How many hours a day do you spend sitting in a chair?

Add it up and you would likely be shocked. If you work an eight-hour day, you likely spend most of that time at your desk, in front of a computer, and in a chair. You may be having some aches and pains, but you don’t realize they stem from sitting in the wrong back pain chair.


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Could your chair be harming your health? Could it be hurting you in the long term?

As you take a few minutes to consider your current back pain chair, you may want to start shopping. A quick search on any search engine leads to hundreds of options for chairs for back pain. Some of these may be worthwhile, but most do nothing more for you than the chair you currently have.

In fact, most people never even think about the features for the best chairs for back pain prior to buying one. That’s one of the biggest mistakes people make, too. To avoid making those critical buying mistakes, you’ll want to check out a few tips.

How to Buy the Best Chair for Back Pain

Instead of buying another back pain chair and hoping for the best, really examine what you are buying in order to end up with your best chair for back pain. Consider these five tips to help you to purchase a chair that really does meet all of your needs.

#1 – Never Buy a Back Pain Chair That Doesn’t Move

You may have gotten yelled at as a child because you twirled and turned in your chair at school. You may love the fact that your current back pain relief chair doesn’t move because that keeps you stationary. The problem is, though, that chairs are simply too limiting when they are stationary. Your body wants to move. Stop trying to confine it and provide more flexibility with a back pain office chair that moves.

Why does it matter? In short, a back chair that moves provides less compression on your spine and helps to keep your back in the perfect position for all day use. You want to look for a chair that:

  • Allows your pelvis to move
  • Allows your body to sit in a natural position
  • Keeps your spine and muscles relaxed

In fact, when you purchase a chair like this, you are getting an actual treatment for lower back pain. This is one of the most important features to look for when it comes to lower back pain relief products.

#2 – Don’t Buy any Chairs for Back Pain That Lock Your Spine into One Position

You find that most chairs do just that. The goal is for you to sit at a computer, staring straight forward. The chair has a rigid back, a tight fit, and arms that hold you in place. This is a common office chair, but it is anything but a good option for your back.

Instead, look for chairs for back pain that are ergonomic. You want it to provide plenty of movement for your body. You don’t want your spine to be compressed into one position. You need to be able to move and adjust as you need to do so.

In short, you want to choose a back pain chair that lets your spine move. This keeps you flexible and reduces strain. You also should like how it feels the moment you sit down.

#3 – Don’t Buy a One-Size-Fits-All Chair

Let’s face it. Not everyone is the same size. The best chair for back pain is one that fits your body’s frame properly. However, when you shop for chairs at a regular store, you likely don’t see any sizing measurements on the boxes. That’s because chairs for back pain are rarely made to work to your body’s individual needs. To avoid the worst chairs for back pain, you want to invest in one that’s more fitting for your specific body’s needs.

In short, you need to shop for a chair that fits your weight, your shape, and your overall height. The best chair for back pain is one that adjusts. You need to be able to select a chair that offers innovative seating including monitor arms and supports. It seems like an easy investment to find, but not all chairs work well for everyone. Unless the chair provides for the needs of every person, don’t buy it.

#4 – Remedies for Lower Back Pain Include Support

It’s true that you need flexibility and movement in your chair. However, people purchase the worst chairs for back pain possible when buying one that doesn’t provide enough support. If you’ve ever taken your laptop to the recliner to work, you know the problem. You don’t focus, your back hurts, and you are arching to get into the right position. Sometimes office chairs cause this same problem. It happens when the chair offers no lumbar support.

Lumbar support is critical. It helps you to have enough pressure right at the curve of your back. This does a few things for you. First, it helps to relax your back muscles because the chair is comfortable. Additionally, it allows you to sit in a naturally comfortable position. Your body doesn’t wear down throughout the course of the day. These are effective remedies for lower back pain.

#5 – Avoid a Chair That’s Not Comfortable When Sitting

Don’t buy a back pain chair that you hate sitting in. At first, you may not be used to sitting in anything but a traditional chair. You’ll feel a bit weird. However, you quickly see that you are very comfortable in proper ergonomic office chairs for back pain

When buying a chair like this, look for one that allows the chair seat and the backrest to move independently from each other. This is another way to keep your body active. You still need that support, but you need to be able to move.

You find a wide range of chairs for back pain on the market. Not many of them are truly chairs for back pain, though. Many of them have great features that seem perfectly suited to your needs, including massagers, great swivel, and high weight capacities.

You need more than this, though. If you find yourself tired after sitting all day, it’s because you are using the wrong back chair. To fix that problem, invest in a high quality new chair, such as our recommended best chair for back relief, designed specifically to avoid these areas of difficulty.

The right office chairs for back pain often transform the way you work by increasing your productivity and improving your overall back health. It is easier than you think to find a chair that’s right for your body and that gives you a treatment for lower back pain.

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