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The office chair market is drowning in the word ‘ergonomic.’ There isn’t an office chair produced in the world today that isn’t ‘ergonomic’ — yet we’ve seen nothing but an ever-increasing amount of back pain. Chairs that are ‘ergonomic’, in fact the entire science of ‘ergonomics’, have failed us. If you want a serious back pain chair, you need the next evolution.


Back pain chair

How Back Pain Chairs and Kinesiology (Kin-ess-ee-all-oh-gee) are Related

Ergonomics was the science that studied the comfort of the human body – how to set up a body so that it can sit comfortably in the same position for the longest period of time. It was an amazing leap forward from the days where chairs were basically slats of wood set at right angles, As mankind grew more and more determined to sit for longer and longer, however, it wasn’t enough to keep us from hurting ourselves.


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Thus, the science of Kinesiology — the study not of static sitting, but of how the human body moves through it’s environment — has slowly been developing. Kinesiology wants to understand the motions that make up everyday office work so that we can build a back pain chair that takes those motions into account and works with them. Where the ‘ergonomic’ office chair is a prison, the ‘kinesiologic’ office chair is a dynamic tool that constantly adjusts to your body as you move.

The Secret is in How We All Sit

For a long time, office chairs have had a feature where the ‘butt pad’ was mobile, but under tension. You had to exert pressure to get the seat to tilt, and it would either ka-chunk into it’s new position, or it would spring back to it’s standard ‘flat’ position the moment you let up the pressure. Either option is optimal.

Kinesiologic back pain chairs  are counterbalanced so that they intuitively move with your body as you shift in your seat. This works by taking advantage of the fact that the body’s center of gravity is located in a more-or-less straight line forward from the spine’s center of flexion. In other words, the point you bend around when you bend your back is your center of gravity.

That makes it easy to create a counterbalanced system that responds to small motions of your center of gravity caused by your spine bending. When you lean forward, the seat of the ultimate back pain chair tilts forward. When you lean back, it tilts back — all smoothly and intuitively and without effort.

The Advantage of Intuitive Motion

When your chair moves with and supports your body through such a wide array of motions, it frees you to move more. When you move more, your muscles are less likely to suffer static stress and ‘office atrophy’. Your back thrives and
remains strong, so it’s less likely to get injured in the long term as well.

There are a lot of office chairs in the world that are built to prevent back pain — but they were built according to the principle of an outdated science. Check out our ultimate office chair for back relief of choice, and ask yourself: can your office chair do that?

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Get Fast and Easy Methods to Cure Your Chronic Pain– 100% FREE


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