How This Little-Known Back & Neck Pain Solution Saved John F. Kennedy’s Presidency…

(Say NO to expensive treatments,
pain pills, or invasive needles or surgery)


Dear Neck or Back Pain Sufferer,


For many people, finding a long term solution to debilitating back pain is one of the most frustrating and hopeless searches to go through.

I understand how frustrating it is to be in pain. Over the past 20 plus years we’ve worked with thousands of pain sufferers at The Back and Neck Relief Center, and we’ve noticed and been told how completely destructive back pain can be. We’ve witnessed chronic back pain shorten careers, tear apart families, create drug addictions and even take lives through suicide.

Hi, I’m Michael Greenspan, Neuromuscular Therapist and owner of The Back and Neck Relief Center..

And like you, I’ve been searching for a reliable solution that provides long-lasting relief for chronic back pain.

Today, I plan on sharing an unknown treatment that can free you from your agonizing back pain, without costly doctor’s visits, invasive needles or surgery or numbing, mind-boggling pain pills.


“A Breakthrough Pain Therapy
Fit for a President”

If you have trouble sitting, standing, walking or lifting without being in pain, then you are not alone.

86 million Americans suffer from various types of chronic pain. Sometimes it’s painful knots in the neck, shoulder and arms, or a sharp mid and lower back pain, or even chronic aching of the hips and legs. Regardless of the type of pain, when you’re the one suffering, it’s a huge nuisance that affects every part of your life.

However, would it surprise you to know that 75% of the time, one or more small contraction knots within in your muscles are the reason you feel your pain?

These tiny contraction knots – called trigger points – were discovered by Dr. Janet Travell (The Whitehouse physician of President John F Kennedy).

Dr. Janet Travell was a New York born physician that came from a family of pain researches. Her father was an early pioneer in the treatment of pain, and after graduating at the top of her class from Cornell University Medical School, Dr. Janet Travell became a leading expert in treating muscle pain (Myofascial Pain Syndrome) and general pain management.

Dr. Travell’s research revealed that strained or over-worked muscles strongly affect the trigger points in our body. And that these trigger points play a major role in causing pain.

Dr Travell’s breakthrough was considered “A Missing Medical Link” because until recently the muscles and trigger points were largely overlooked.

Today, we know that trigger points develop from physical trauma like an automobile accident or a sports injury … from muscle strain that comes from repeat movements or when you stand or sit improperly … anxiety and emotional stress… even allergies, lack of nutrition and environmental toxins.

Dr. Janet Travell went on to become the first woman White House Physician and the personal physician to President John F. Kennedy.

President Kennedy credits her Trigger Point Neuromuscular Therapy as the only effective treatment for his debilitating back pain that was so crippling he considered stepping down as President.

What Are Trigger Points and What
Will I Experience If I Have Them?

Trigger Points are small hard “knots” in your muscles that cause muscles and tissues to tighten and shorten. They cause so much pain that people shift the way they sit, stand and move, which puts further stress on muscles, ligaments and pints an abnormal balance on your body that causes more trigger points.

The simple fact of the matter is this: If one trigger point is NOT dealt with, you’ll create a cluster of trigger points and a vicious cycle of pain.

For example, do you ever feel like your neck muscles create a pounding headache behind your eye, base of your skull, or anywhere in your head? Or do your shoulder muscles when tight from sitting in front of a computer produce numbness or pain down your arms, even into your hands?

Often, the source of your pain stems from other areas and is simply a trigger point waiting to be released. No amount of Advil or stretching fully releases your trigger points. They can only be released by hand. Otherwise the discomfort really hurts and more trigger points are unknowingly created.

Why Hasn’t My Doctor
Told Me This?

Although Dr. Travell’s findings were reported in medical journals many years ago, back then the treatment of trigger points were commonly treated with acupressure. Medical doctors shunned the process because similar to homeopathic medicine acupressure treatments were considered a bit like “quack” medicine.

In the past, people were treated where the pain was, which explains why so many traditional treatments failed.

Nowadays we know differently. We have the technology to photograph the muscle tissue and actually see the trigger points. And, we know that trigger points can send pain to other parts of the body.

Mid-Back, Shoulder, Neck and Headache Trigger Points

We know pain in the hip or buttocks region can stem from a trigger point in the lower back, and that pain in your arm, mid-back or your neck starts with a trigger point your shoulder.


How Can I Tell If I Have Trigger Points?

We all have trigger points. It depends on how many we have, and whether they are creating tightness, lasting pain, or if they are disrupting your body\s balance and movements.

Trigger points have been linked to the following symptoms:

  • dizziness
  • earaches
  • sinusitis
  • heartburn
  • neck and jaw pain
  • heart arrhythmia
  • genital pain
  • numbness in hands or feet
  • headaches
  • restless leg
  • low-back pain
  • tennis elbow
  • carpal tunnel
  • joint pain
  • toothache

What’s the Best Way
to Get Rid of Pain?

Dr. Janet Travell discovered that deep manual pressure applied to trigger points had a dramatic therapeutic effect by quickly eliminating pain.

However, you’ll find a scarce supply of qualified and fully trained trigger point therapists or clinics like ours who provide neuromuscular therapy.

And, although you may find some informative books available on trigger points, most of them leave it up to the patient to “sort out” for themselves.

Needless to say, when it comes to pain and tenderness, we understand how immobilizing trigger points can be. We are certainly grateful to provide a solution to sufferers in the Los Angeles area, but what about others who with are forced to live with the pain that can’t afford, or access the proper treatment?

Why can’t they benefit from Dr. Travell’s Trigger Point Therapy too?

Research reveals that continuous trigger point therapy is the best (most effective) way of getting rid of unremitting muscle and tissue pain. However even if you could find someone qualified, not everyone has the time or money to repeatedly go to the doctor or trigger point therapist. We get that!

That’s why we’re so thrilled to offer you the Trigger Point Self-Treatment System.



The Trigger Point Self-Treatment System was developed by a team of qualified neurological therapist who specialize in the treatment of trigger points.

It’s a unique self treatment system that helps you locate your trigger points and apply a comfortable amount of deep pressure, using your own body weight.

You simply lie and relax on it, and let your body weight apply the necessary deep pressure to alleviate your pain. Use it regularly for about ten minutes a day and you effectively neutralize your trigger points, as well as stop future trigger points from developing.

Sure, there are competitive devices available, but many are hand-held systems unlike the Trigger Point Self-Treatment System. This means that it’s difficult to hold them, apply the pressure and relax your muscle all at the same time.

With this easy to use Trigger Point Self-Treatment system, all you have to do line your pressure points (which you will be guided to do) and then rest, relax and apply pinpoint pressure to your points of pain. No treatment is this simple!

Neutralize Existing Trigger Points
and Stop the Reoccurring Pain

When a trigger point tightens and spasms, it causes you pain. You alter your patterns of movement and new trigger points develop causing you more pain.

Perhaps you’ve tried heating devices, vibrating chair massagers, golf or tennis balls or massage oils in a desperate attempt to get some relief.

These devices simply trick our nervous system by improving blood flow and blocking the incoming pain impulse for a
short period.

You see, when you have a trigger point it tightens and contracts (like a spasm).

To avoid the pain, people usually change their movements or their sitting or standing positions, which end up creating more trigger points, as well as more pain.
Trouble is, long-term relief is hard to find. Sure, heating pads, massage oils and vibrating massagers, can ease your pain for a short period of time, but it never last long, does it?
Little wonder: Because you’re just fooling your nervous system into believing that blood flow is temporarily improved, which blocks the pain. But, since no actually change has taken place in your trigger points, after a few minutes the pain returns.

What works the best is sustained deep pressure that neutralizes your trigger points and releases the tightness so the spasms lessen and eventually stop.


Tap Into the Power of
Trigger Point Self Therapy

The Trigger Point Self-Treatment System helps you locate and melt away your trigger points, and neutralize the tension and pain that your trigger points are causing.

Every time you work your trigger points, your body goes through a soft tissue release. Working the area brings blood to the trigger point, and that helps to loosen knots and scar tissue, as well as remove toxic metabolic waste.
It happens on a neurological level. Your body releases the pain signals to the brain, which resets and restores your neuromuscular system so it’s functioning properly.

Getting relief is simple!

You just pop in the DVD and follow along as you are guided through the entire process. Everything you need to know to find and deactivate your trigger points is laid out in easy, simple-to-follow format.

Steadily, your pain and tenderness lessens … and your range of motion will increase. Before long the pain disappears and you feel stronger and more energetic. Your posture improves (you sit and stand as you were meant to) and you sleep better too.

Best of all, you gain back the quality of your life, and start enjoying all the things you had to put on hold because of that chronic pain.


How Can I Be Sure This Therapy
This Treatment Is Right For Me?

Research done by Dr. Janet Travell, Dr. David Simmons, and other Neuromuscular Therapists clearly shows that a consistent deep tissue massage – whether done by a therapist or by you – deactivates your trigger points.

Trigger points occur at any time and at any age. Whether you lead an active or a sedentary lifestyle, if you have or think you have sciatica, fibromyalgia, herniated discs or even other common back problems, the Trigger Point Self-Treatment System helps you pinpoint, release and neutralize those painful trigger points.

If you’re trigger points are not dealt with properly, they get worse. However, by treating your own myofascial trigger points, you get to the root of your pain – and not just temporarily – you’re able to relieve the primary reason for your pain and keep your trigger points at bay.

That’s why the Trigger Point Self-Treatment System is so important. You’re able to recognize the start of a trigger point, pull out the DVD and spend as little as 10 minutes a day to deactivate the pain and prevent future trigger point from becoming aggravated.

The Trigger Point Self-Treatment System is simple, effective and by far the most complete, comprehensive and easy to use trigger point system available.


90 Days To Love It, or Get Your

90-days-money-back-guarantee-sign-vector-illustrationI want you to feel completely comfortable that you’re getting a great product to help you relieve many of your Trigger Points and aches and pains.  That’s why we give you 90 days – 3 FULL COMPLETE MONTHS – to experience Trigger Point Therapy and the long lasting relief you get with the Trigger Point Self-Treatment System.  30 Days is plenty to know that it’s right for you.  When I told my wife I was doing this, she thought it was crazy, yet she didn’t realize that 99.99% of people love it as it greatly relieves their pain once and for all.

Use the Trigger Point Self-Treatment System for a full 3 months … and if you don’t love it, just ask for a FULL REFUND (minus shipping). Please return product in good condition (in original packaging if possible).

Order it now, put it to the test, and see how wonderfully it works to deactivate your trigger points and get rid of that lingering trigger point pain.

No questions asked!


The Crucial Missing Medical Link Can
Give You Long Lasting Relief

When it comes to neutralizing pain, many therapists believe that trigger point therapy is the “Missing Medical Link”.

It’s a simple, easy-to-use system that arrives complete. Everything you need to neutralize your pain is at your finger tips.

Here’s what you get with the Trigger Point Self Therapy System:

  • A strong, secure treatment platform.
  • 16 soft rubber tipped treatment digits (of various sizes and angles) that can be interchanged to give you bulls-eye accuracy and complete control of the depth of pressure.
  • A system that allows you to deactivate your pain while you rest and relax. You simply lie down and apply deep sustained pressure to your trigger points and your pain will eventually disappear.
  • A 90-minute DVD, A 90-minute DVD called “Conquering Your Chronic Muscle and Joint Pain,” from acclaimed Dr Fors (a $39.95 value – yours FREE!)
  • A step-by-step, 20 page guidebook – with full color illustrations – that contain clear “how to relieve pain” instructions.

All you have to do lie and relax – while listening to music or watching TV – as your trigger points dissolve away.

This system, normally sells for $197. However it’s being offered to you today for only $149,  a $28 instant savings!

(Orders shipped within the USA will incur a $14 shipping fee, outside the USA will be $26)

Watching Your Back!

Michael Greenspan, NMT
Founder, The Back & Neck Relief Center and GetPainFreeTv®

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