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Michael Greenspan, Neuromuscular Therapist, shows how to use a foam roller to release the adductors and IT Band for inner and outer thigh pain.

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6 Responses to “Inner and Outer Thigh Pain – Foam Roller Exercises”

  1. Steve

    03. Jul, 2011

    Trying it now.

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  2. Moezeddin

    28. Dec, 2012

    Dear Michael Greenspan:

    Thank you, Thank you. I have this strange pain in my hip area that radiates to my Hamstring muscles and it has no pattern which I could explain it to a doctor.

    Thank you for your informative videos which clearly explains the pains that I have, I am a runner and for the past 2 months, have not been able to run effectively as I used to. Using your information and techniques will help me to recover from this strange and hard to explain pain.

    Thank you again

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    • michael

      28. Dec, 2012

      Hi Moezeddin,
      definitely use the “pinky ball” to release the trigger points in your hip muscles, which helps relieve the “mystery” pain often in the hamstrings.
      good luck!

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  3. hari

    14. Jan, 2013

    I have walked a lot for 2 months and my muscles are too tight now. I am having this right thigh pain for the last 4 months. There is no pain if i do not walk or stand for long time. Now I have started doing this roller exercise from yesterday. Can you suggest me that how much time it takes to get relieved from this pain. Your average time would be helpful and motivates me too..


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    • michael

      12. Mar, 2013

      Hi Hari,
      Just try it every day for 1 week, and see how you feel. Set short goals to keep you motivated. There’s no average time.

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  4. dr cute

    21. Apr, 2013

    thank u…….but i m having pain closer to inner knee that is radiating downwards……and nt towards groin….can u explain that plzz

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Get Fast and Easy Methods to Cure Your Chronic Pain– 100% FREE